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Case Study Jessica Whipkey Liberty University KEY STRENGTHS Walter and Pam present as a married couple between the ages of 51-60 and have been married between 31-40 years. Walter and Pam together have two children, live in a suburban area and were never previously married. Based on the positive couple agreement (PCA) Walter and Pam categorized as a conflicted couple. An article entitled How to Understand the Revised Individual and the Positive Couple Agreement (2002) explains the PCA as “The Positive Couple Agreement score is a percentage ranging from 0-100% based on the number of positive agreement items a couple agrees on in each of the content areas.” Prepare/Enrich categorizes couple relationships into one of…show more content…
Pam does not struggle with unhealthy sexual behavior or pornography but knows her husband sometimes does. Walter notes very limited stressors and ranks very low on the stress profile. Some of his stressors are lack of sleep, eating too much, feeling emotionally upset, feeling overweight, and lack of exercise. Pam notes all of the same stressors, among many more such as owing too much money, stressed about her health, her spouse, her children, and lack of time with her family. Pam ranks high on the high on the stress profile. On the topic of communication both Pam and Walter with their partners were more willing to share their feelings with the other. They also feel that they can express their true feelings with their partner. Both Walter and Pam feel generally good about their conflict resolution, but have concerns about some aspects of their ability to discuss and resolve differences. They are on the same page in regards to how their finances are being handled with some concerns about their spending and saving habits. Walter and Pam are less satisfied with their sexual relationship and affection toward one another and also how they deal with sexual issues. The couple’s spiritual beliefs rank within the high to very high levels. They are positive about their practice and expression of spiritual beliefs in their relationship and recognize several strengths in this area. Walter and Pam are both somewhat satisfies with the

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