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CP7: Working as part of more than one team. Task 1- Team Working 1.1: Explain what team working means. A team is something more than a collection of individuals. Teamwork is a group of people working together to achieve the same goal. The whole is more than a sum of the parts. A team can be identified by evidence of some or all of the following: A shared purpose, vision, aim, objective or outcome An agreed set of values and principles that underpin activity A shared understanding of roles and responsibilities A contract, agreement, plan or framework to work to A schedule of formal or informal meetings that help direct activity Shared processes everyone uses for: Identifying priority outcomes Monitoring activity Evaluating…show more content…
These differences do not have to become challenges. This often depends on the effectiveness of structures in place to support a team to communicate effectively, manage change and resolve their differences. Some practitioners’ attitudes may present challenges if they see themselves working in teams, as opposed to working as teams. Employees might simply work alongside others, sharing a common work experience but not truly engaging in the give-and-take of working as teams. It is working as a team that brings the full range of motivational benefits. The structure and make-up of the team itself can be a challenge. Belbin found that teams with no ‘plant’ struggled to come up with the initial spark of an idea. With no ‘shaper’, the team was likely to cruise along without drive and direction, missing key opportunities and failing to meet deadlines. Too many ‘plants’ in the team could mean bad ideas concealed good ones. Too many ‘shapers’ could lead to in-fighting and lower morale. Challenges themselves may impact negatively on team members. Stress can make people feel any combination of anxious, frustrated, unmotivated, undervalued, disempowered, underpaid, overworked, isolated or ignored. Individuals may even experience bullying and victimisation if they do not fit in, or they underperform or appear different in some way. 1.3: Discuss the value of team working when working with children and/or young people. Teamwork is very important when working with
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