CPM or Critical Path Method for Healthcare

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DESCRIBING THE BENEFITS AND OUTCOMES OF THE PROJECT Due to accidents that took place in our subsidiaries it became a mandatory priority to develop furthermore our health and safety program world-widely. In order to achieve, we must focus on accurate outcomes. The outcomes that must be developed are to identify any hazardous conditions, also to provide communication within the organization about hazards and risks, train workers and management how to prevent risks and hazards, but first of all research and evaluation. Benefits arising by implementing a work heath initiative, first reduce cost, lower employee absence, fewer accidents, a great benefit also is an improved standing among supplier and partners and staff morale. SCOPE, TIME AND RESOURCE OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT To gain the above benefits, we need a collection of processes which will ensure all the work that is needed in order to identify, define and control the scope of the project. The first that is needed is to collect all the required information and documents that meet the objectives. We must identify of what went wrong and the impact that they have in business-as-usual work. Afterwards we must do a research of the health and safety laws of our subsidiaries involved, interview workers. This survey will allow us to gather problems and ideas how we can solve them in order workers to feel secure and develop confidence. All the health and

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