CSI Effect-Does It Still Exist: A CSI Study

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The topic that I had researched about being “The CSI Effect- Does It Still Exist” which was written by Donald E. Shelton. In a study conducted by Shelton (2009), an honorable judge and author, it was found that per responses of a 2006 week after week Nielsen rating: 30 million people viewed CSI on one night. 70 million viewed no less than one of the three CSI show and 40 million watched two other forensic dramas, Without a Trace and Cold Case (p. 34). The significance of this study is that it demonstrates exactly what number of people watch these criminal investigations show all the time and this is useful in deciding how far-reaching the CSI effect is. Based on these reactions a later study was directed in which they found that “in the “each…show more content…
In case, you're a regular investigation show viewer you may trust that the crime procedure is extremely fast, the specialists show up, accumulate prove, run that evidence in a data bank and instantly have their criminal however it simply does not unfold that effectively. Kulmala (2013) says that, “The television viewing public can turn to either network or cable television on any given night and find a variety of forensic-based programs. These programs showcase stylish technicians using the latest technology to piece together a crime scene’s unknown variables in less than 60 minutes” (para. 5). Viewers are repetitively exposed to episodes where DNA test results are reported in 15 minutes or less and fingerprints are matched to prints in law enforcement databases almost immediately. Botluk (2005) goes ahead to state much a greater amount of the unreasonable parts of criminal examination indicates when she communicates the possibility that “In the rare instance where the suspect does not confess to the crime, the viewers are exposed to these same stylish technicians as expert witnesses” (para. 4). When it comes to time span and innovation these shows are far more progressed than we now are also, in a matter of an hour a crime is submitted, researched, and comprehended with innovation that is essentially out of this
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