CSR Failure Of Like A Girl

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Even though customers are a major key to success of any business, limiting CSR practices to an external group of stakeholder is insufficient. From the customers’ side, the focus is “on the corporate brand and its societal relationships with external constituencies.” (Lacey, Hensel 316). It is undeniable that implementation of CSR can attract the customers and lead them to be a significant are source of a financial gain. That is because CSR changes the way consumers behave in the market and alter their beliefs toward the company standards.” (Lacey, Hensel 316). Nevertheless, extensive focus on the social gains may cause the business to suffer financially. If that happened, the case is considered to be a failure of executing CSR. Again, this is a result of shifting all the business gears to benefit a sole group the stakeholders.…show more content…
Every business is considerably able to identify its customers. Nevertheless, sometimes CSR campaign tends to vaguely aim to general group consumers. The result is either poor or failure. Successful campaigns, which targeted the right consumers, are more common than the failure ones. Like a Girl is a CSR campaign by Always aims to empower the girls and boost their confidence. The main goal is the change all the negative attribution to the phrase “like a girl”. Always is a feminine hygiene products business. It is easy to see a strong connection between the consumers and the business nature of Always. As a result of targeting the right consumers, the campaign is still generating success through its different
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