CSR Issues in Walmart

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CSR ISSUES IN WALMART Ethical sourcing Walmart claims that its mission is centered on helping people live better which not only applies to customers and associates, but also to the workers who make their products. Furthermore, all the products that Walmart offers to its customers are supposedly verified whether they are produced with dignity and respect for workers. In order to be accepted as Walmart’s supplier there are standards and obligations expected from suppliers. Following section examines closely what are the key standards that according to Walmart prevail within its global supply chain (Walmart, 2012). Basic standards that Walmart’s suppliers are expected to meet have to be in the compliance with applicable…show more content…
In the United States Walmart effects negatively retail worker wages as well as retail employment. In addition, University of California researchers found that workers in Walmart earn on average 12.4 % less than retail workers as a whole (UNI Global Union, 2012). Walmart’s workers demonstrated thier dissatisfaction with working conditions and low wages by protesting on Black Friday 2012, which is the day the company is making the biggest profit. Walmart workers stood up and more than 1,000 demonstrations in a hundreds encouraging Walmart to act ethicaly towards them. For workers protesting it was a huge risk as they are oficially not protected by any labour union (Progress, 2012). Another evidence that Walmart treats its employees unfairly are discrimination claims. Women workers in California pursue discrimination claims saying that Walmart systematically treats them unfairly. According to women workers retail giant denied to pay raises and promotions due to gender bias (Levine & Gupta, 2011). Impact on local communities According to UNI report (2012) the presence of Walmart stores in local communities has a devastating impact. Large retailers like Walmart force smaller businesses to close up as they
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