CSR in singapore Essay

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MGMT003: Business, Government and Society Individual Assignment: Is CSR in Singapore real or lip service? Is CSR in Singapore real or a lip service? Since independence, the Singapore government has established several regulations and codes of practices in the fields of corporate governance, industrial relations, safety standards, pollution control etc. and companies are expected to meet these requirements. This had led to the adoption of implicit CSR practices in Singapore companies, with a narrow emphasis on an explicit display of their practices. In such a case, businesses may be practicing CSR without realizing it. This is also a major reason why 60% of Singaporean companies are not aware of CSR. Amongst the 27% of companies…show more content…
These are instances where FairPrice has undertaken philanthropic activities which have no association to its products. These practices have purely been taken up as a means to promote welfare of the underprivileged, support the general well-being of the public as well as contribute to national causes. In 2009, FairPrice opened the first “Eco Store” which utilizes 100% bio-degradable shopping bags, has dedicated check outs for customers using their own bags, has store fixtures and fittings re-cycled from other stores, and has recycling stations for food waste (“Sustainable environment,” 2011) By doing so, the company took the initiative to bring out the change that everyone merely speaks about. Being the industry leader, its actions can lead to increased awareness as well as adoption of similar practices by its competitors, suppliers as well as customers. In 2002, FairPrice introduced a Management Trainee program to develop the skills of young and promising employees. During the 6 months’ program, Management Trainees are exposed to two critical aspects of the FairPrice retail business and are given structured on-the-job training as well as cross-functional projects to widen their knowledge of the business (“Wonderful workplace,” 2011). FairPrice has hence put in considerable amount of efforts in developing its employees to
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