CU1688 Support Positive Risk Taking For Individuals

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CU1688: Support Positive Risk Taking for Individuals.
1. Understand the importance of risk taking in everyday life
1.1 Explain ways in which risk is an integral part of everyday life.
Without a certain amount of risk taking nothing could be achieved, this is because even the food that we consume on a daily basis could have a negative impact on our lives. The opposite side to this are the benefits that come from taking little risks every day, these may include how we get to work in the morning, what we choose to take part in within an activity or even how hot we like our bath water. If no risks where taken the general population would not leave their bed for fear of something bad happening, if small risks are taken there is the possibility
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Identification of risk carries a duty to do something about it, i.e. risk management.

If a risk has been identified then it needs to be acted upon so as to minimise the level of risk involved. If this is not done then there is a higher level of risk and more chance of a negative outcome.

Involvement of service users, their families, advocates and practitioners from a range of services and organisations help to improve the quality of risk assessment and decision making.

When planning a risk assessment, the more information you can gather from the service user, their family or any other organisation that has dealings with the service user will help to complete a more person-centred assessment and minimise the risks and help to prove a better service.

Defensible decisions are those based on clear reasoning.

When planning a risk assessment and looking at possible risks, the decisions that are made for the benefit of the service user should be made after collecting all of the information available. Any reasons give should be able to be defended by looking at every angle that shows that it is in the best interest of the service user with as much risk being removed as possible.

Risk taking can involve everybody working together to achieve positive outcomes.

This states that once the risk assessment has been completed, the

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