CU2645 move and position individuals in accordance with their plan of care

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Early Years SENCO Handbook Early Years SENCo Handbook – Information and Guidance Foreword I am pleased to introduce to you our Early Years SEN Handbook, designed to support all Early years’ Settings in receipt of the Free Entitlement (Nursery Education Grant) to meet their responsibilities under the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice (2001). It is designed to complement existing guidance such as the SEN Code of Practice (2001); SEN toolkit and Wiltshire Council’s own Indicators and Provision Document (WIPD) and should be read in conjunction with these documents. This handbook outlines the expectations for inclusive practice in early years’ settings. Further information can be sought from the web references listed under each topic…show more content…
To work with mainstream schools and early years settings to develop their capacity to provide for as wide a range of individual needs as possible and to raise achievement 2. To work with and develop special schools and specialist learning centres to enable them to provide directly for some pupils, and to support mainstream schools and Early Years’ settings in their work 3. To develop alongside other agencies pro-active and preventative strategies to ensure that needs are identified as early as possible, and action is taken to provide services as quickly as possible 4. To work in partnership with all stakeholders 5. To promote the confidence of parents /carers and children and young people 6. To manage resources effectively, efficiently and transparently. (Wilts SEN Strategy 2009/10) To view the full current document, go to the Wiltshire Council website. Page 4 of 47 1.2 Wiltshire Indicators and Provisions Document (WIPD) This document sets out a framework for identifying children and young people with special educational needs, as well as providing guidance on progression routes and review procedures to enable early years settings, schools, professionals and parents to make effective decisions about provision. It should be

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