CU294111 Review The Range Of Groups

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1.1- Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role:

It is an integral part of my role communicating with young people, parents/carers and various professionals within a residential setting.

I always discuss subjects/issues with the young people judging on their level of understanding and their cultural background. I have to be mindful of their frame of mind at the time, when communicating with these service users. I have to ensure that the language that I am using is clear, as the young people are from various parts of the country; this is to ensure that I am not misunderstood or what I am saying is misinterpreted, as if this was to occur it could have serious
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I have to manage these situations with delicacy and professionally. On occasions I have had to approach their line managers to notify them of these short fallings and the impact this is having on me providing the best possible care for the young people concerned. I regularly have to state the National minimum Standards and the Care planning Regulations in order to receive an appropriate response to my request for information.

I also encounter internal barriers to communication. I have very positive working relationships with the full staff team at Sycamore House and we all have mutual respect for each other. The team is very close and each member is open to be challenged no matter what the hierarchal order within the team. Any barriers to communication are addressed openly and discussions take place, on how to prevent further instances of this.

Clear recoding systems are in place and these are monitored and evaluated on a regular basis to look at methods of improving the communication within the home. For example when I was instated as the Registered Manager I introduced a message log, this is to pass information form team to team or from management to the whole team. This has proven effective and successful.

Many barriers exist with the young people some of who do not want to engage with the staff team at Sycamore House. To break this cycle the staff have to build positive relationship and gain the trust of the young people. This
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