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Stakeholders and stockholders are a group of individuals that can affect the company and also are affected by the company. In order to be a successful company needs to maintain their investor’s confidence. Stockholders are also able to develop value for the customer because they invest on ideas that will produce success for the company. Stakeholders are all the individuals that have an interest in the company such as employees, customers, and the surrounding community. is publicly traded company, meaning its stock is accessible to the public (Amazon Inc., 2013). A company that is public deals with the uncertainty of the market but must try and sustain loyalty. If stockholders are not able to trust in the company
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Customers have options when deciding what company to use when shopping online for any products. This competition forces companies to evolve according to the change in customer demand. Any response to competition is a form of strategy to appease the customer and keep the company profitable. In Amazon the various strategies have lead to more demand for their services in the e-commerce market.
As the competition started to grow in e-commerce Amazon decided that the best strategy was to work with other retailers and become a bigger company. They decided that they would work with other companies and sell their products on Amazon. The third parties compete on their website to get consumers to buy their products. This strategy provides variety and has resulted in Amazon gaining the image of a "go-to" store for any type of product and most brands. In addition they not only work with manufacturers but also with other brick-and-click corporations. One of the biggest deals they were able to accomplish was with the Chinese based website (Treanor, 2010). They were well known for shipping cheap items but at a slower rate. Amazon decided to also sell their items in order to not compete but work together lowering the need for competition.
Amazon also uses the latest technology as a strategy for customers to get easy access to their website. This can be seen in their app that is accessible to all phones such as Blackberry, iPhone,

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