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Unit CYP 3.1 : Understand Child and Young Person Development (LO1) 1.1 0 – 6 months Expected pattern of child development Physical Birth – When pulled to a sitting position, the head lags. Startled by sudden noise. Rests weigh on hands. Grabs at surface with hands. Legs still not strong enough to hold weight when standing. Can move head deliberately to look around. Often holds thumbs tucked into their hands. Moves arms purposely. Can lift both head and chest supported by forearms. Reach and grab when a small toy is offered Can roll to stomach from back. Plays with feet when lying on back. Communication and intellectual Make eye contact and cry to indicate need. Make non crying noises such as cooing and…show more content…
May drink from a cup with a lid. Feeds themselves messily with a spoon. Can now introduce finger foods. Puts toys in mouth less and drool less. Enjoys socialising at meal times. Show definite likes and dislikes at meals and bedtimes. Often need to have a comfort object (ie blanket or teddy). More wary of strangers. Starts to be wilful and have tantrums. Has favourite toys. Still prefers to be near a familiar adult. Shows affection to familiar people. Loves making noise b banging toys. 12 to 24 months Expected pattern of child development Physical Falls over frequently when trying to walk. Can crawl upstairs and kneel without support. Can squat to pick up a toy. Can run steadily but unable to avoid objects. Can walk upstairs holding someone’s hand. Can climb up onto furniture. Can throw a ball but not yet catch. Can run easily and avoid objects. Squats and kneels whilst playing. Can come backwards down stairs unaided. Communication and intellectual Uses gestures alongside words. Can understand the names of various parts of the body. Will pint or scream to get something. Understands many words and instructions. Points to named people or toys. Will chatter away to self when playing. Responds when spoken to. Repeat the last part what others say. Likes to try and sing nursery rhymes. Names well known objects. May string 2-3 words together. Talks to themselves although it is not always

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