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[pic] Cabela’s 2012 Strategic Marketing Plan Johnson Lee Integrated Marketing Strategy Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Situation Analysis 3 The Internal Environment 3 The Customer Environment 7 The External Environment 9 SWOT Analysis 12 Developing Competitive Advantages 12 Developing a Strategic Focus 13 Marketing Goals and Objectives 13 Marketing Strategy 13 Primary and Secondary Target Markets 13 Product Strategy 14 Pricing Strategy and Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy 14 Promotion Strategy 15 Marketing Implementation 16 Structural Issues 16 Tactical Marketing Activities 16 Evaluation and Control 16 Executive Summary Cabela’s,…show more content…
Cabela’s will also be tasked with setting up vendor relationships to implement new product lines. The company will need to investigate new advertising mediums and find the most cost-effective means to reach a new, younger target market. Situation Analysis The Internal Environment. Cabela’s is positioned as the “World’s Foremost Outfitter” of outdoors products, specifically hunting, fishing, and camping gear. The company’s multi-channel retail model reaches customers through catalog, Internet, and destination retail stores, allowing the company to effectively offer customers its approximately 225,000 SKUs. Cabela’s maximizes its direct business using catalogs and the Internet to increase brand awareness and to generate orders (Cabela’s, 2011). Specific marketing goals and objectives are as follows: 1. Increase revenue by 16% in 2012 through retail expansion; following increases in revenue of 15%, 16%, and 14% in 2009, 2010, and 2011, respectively (Please see Appendix A). 2. Improve retail store profitability by 15% in 2012 through increased retail store traffic. 3. Increase Cabela’s market share by two percent in 2012 in the outdoor recreation industry, widening the gap between Cabela’s and top competitors (Please see Appendix B). Cabela’s is working toward achieving these goals and objectives by adding three new retail
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