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Importance of a Common Access Card By: LCpl Crisp, Darius D. I am writing this essay about the importance of a Common Access Card. Which is also known as a “CAC” card. The Common Access Card (CAC) is a United States Deparrtment of Defense (DoD) Smart Card. The card is issued to Active-duty Military Personnel, Reserve Personnel, Civilian Personnel, state employees of the National Guard, contractor personnel, and other non-DoD government employees. The CAC is the size of a standard credit card and stores 64 or 128 kB of data storage and memory on a single integrated circuit. The CAC is used as a general identification card as well as for authentication to enable access to DoD computers, networks, and certain DoD facilities. It also…show more content…
In order to fix a CAC card, you need to have access to a RAPIDS facility. One of the most advanced smart ID card programs in the United States is the Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Card (CAC), a smart card that serves as the DoD standardidentification for active duty military personnel, selected reserve personnel, civilian employees, and eligible contractor personnel. The CAC is the principal card used for logical access to DoD computer networks and systems, and it will be the principal card used to enable physical access as systems are installed for authentication and access at DoD facilities in the future. As of July 2004, DoD has issued over 5.4 million smart cards. (This number includes reissues to accommodate changes in name, rank, or status and to replace lost or stolen cards.) As of the same date, approximately 3 million unterminated or active CACs are in circulation. DoD has deployed an issuance infrastructure at over 930 sites in more than 25 countries around the world and is rolling out more than 1 million card readers and associated middleware. A key goal of the CAC program is to meet DoD’s mandate to sign all electronic mail and other electronic documents digitally. Future plans include using the CAC to sign and encrypt e-mail, expanding the number of portals capable of doing Web-based e-business using PKI authentication tools, adding a biometric to the card to provide

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