Cache Child Care Level 2 Unit 5

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D1. The 4 aspects of professional practice that I have chosen are:
 Non-judgemental approaches to practice
 Time keeping and attendance
 Short and long term planning
 Supporting colleagues

D2. The reasons why the 4 aspects of professional practices are important because:
 Non-judgemental approaches to the practice is very important because you can’t just be pointing fingers at anyone in the setting because you feel that you are right because the same thing might happen to you and you would not like to be blamed for something that you did not do.
 Good time keeping and the attendance is very important because so many people rely on you to be carrying out your responsibilities this includes the team, the parents and the children.
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 When developing knowledge and skill of supporting the colleagues in the practice the practitioner would have to always be supportive to their colleagues during hard times and good times because when the practitioner is supportive towards the colleagues the practitioners colleagues e.g. Your colleague has just been through a rough divorce and child custody battle and is having a hard time getting back on their feet so in order for you to help you help by reducing their work load at the work place meaning helping them when you can, helping them out of the work placement as well as in the work placement when you do this for your work colleagues they would feel grateful and would also offer help when you need it and you will also gain more closeness with their work colleagues.

D4. When communicating effectively with children and their parents practitioners would have to:
 Make sure that their conversation is within confidential space meaning that only you the practitioner with the child and the parent.
 If you are writing a letter to the parent of the child you will have to make sure that the information is clear. Spelling, punctuation and grammar must be accurate. Consider word processing