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Unit 8 Task 1- Write a relative account of how the practitioner should respond to parents.

P8.1 In a setting it is very often that practitioners will receive enquiries from parents and carers. It is therefore important to respond in the appropriate way. It is very important to follow up any enquiries from parents as this will show them that you care about their concerns or questions. Every practitioner should show and reassure the parents that their opinions and circumstances matter and will always be addressed to. As a student practitioner with children, it is most likely necessary to refer parents to supervisors who they may be more acquainted with and who may be able to help them more in order to ensure best practice. As a
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Therefore an effective way to ensure confidentiality is by making appointments to see practitioners or parents face to face in a private area so only the necessary adults are involved and there is less danger brought for the child. In order to maintain confidentiality in the setting, practitioners should provide a use passwords on computers and files so that important and personal information will not be shared with people who are not involved with the family, or who could become a danger to a child and their family. To ensure and maintain confidentiality it is important to not speak about the children in a public place where there are other parents that may know the child or who may be offended by teachers 'gossiping'. It is also important for practitioners to make sure they don't speak about children or their families with other practitioners for example students, or practitioners from other agencies and organisations.
Whilst in my setting I showed ways to maintain confidentiality while carrying out observations on children;

By not stating the child’s name for protection purposes or the settings details so that no traces can be brought back to the child because if it got into the wrong hands there could be serious problematic outcomes. Information that gets out could include medical issues and I would not want to cause any embarrassment to either the parents or the
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