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Unit 15 Developing Children’s (3-8 years) Mathematical Skills E1 There are different national frameworks and policies that are used for the development of mathematical learning from 3 to 8 years old. One of these is the Childcare Act 2006. The Childcare Act is an update on the Children Act 2004. It basically makes sure that local authorities reduce any inequalities in their individual areas by providing an ‘integrated’ service for children and their families. They make it so that each local area has the appropriate provision to help the care and learning of all children aged 3 or 4, and a free minimum amount of provision should be available. Parents have a right to obtain information for their child, and Section 12 of the Act…show more content…
This could become an activity by ordering the bricks or sorting the bricks into different colours or different shapes and sizes. This could be an activity for an age range of between 3-5 years old, depending on the mathematical development of the individual children. E4 The seven strands that are part of the mathematical framework are: * Using and applying mathematics * Counting and understanding number * Knowing and using number facts * Calculating * Understanding shape * Measuring * Handling data * The first activity of water play with different sized beakers, would come under the measuring strand of the mathematical framework, but could also come under the understanding shape strand due to the fact that there were beakers being used that were different sizes and possibly shape, for example even though beakers are usually cylinders, there could have been some beakers used that were cuboids or even pyramids to help with creativity since beakers don’t have to all be the same so children broaden their horizons and ‘think outside the box’. The second activity which involved coloured bricks would come under the Understanding shape strand of the mathematical framework but perhaps could also come under Calculating, if the bricks had numbers on the or if you were counting the bricks or if the activity involved having a 2 or 3 groups of bricks with different

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