Cadbury Beverages Case

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Company Description

Cadbury Beverages, Inc. is the beverage division of Cadbury Schweppes PLC, a major global soft drink and confectionery marketer. In 1989, Cadbury Schweppes PLC had worldwide sales of $4.6 billion, which were produced by product sales in more than 110 countries. Cadbury Schweppes PLC headquarters are located in London, England; Cadbury Beverages, Inc. worldwide headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut.

Cadbury Schweppes PLC has the distinction of being the world’s first soft drink maker. The company can trace its beginnings to 1783 in London, where Swiss national Jacob Schweppe first sold his artificial mineral water. Beginning in the 1880’s, Schweppes expanded worldwide, particularly in countries
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Other flavors, such as orange, lemon-lime, cherry, grape, and root beer account for the remaining sales. Estimates of market shares for flavors in 1989 were as follows:

|Flavor |Market Share |
|Cola |65.7% |
|Lemon-Lime |12.9% |
|Orange |3.9% |
|Root Beer |3.6% |
|Ginger Ale |2.8% |
|Grape |1.1% |
|Others |10.0% |

Diet soft drinks represented 31 percent of industry sales in 1989. Industry trend date indicate that sales of diet drinks accounted for a large portion of the overall growth carbonated soft drink sales in the 1980’s. There are more than 900 registered brand names for soft drinks in the United States. Most of these brands are sold

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