Cadbury Beverages Inc. Case Study

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Marketing Plan 1. Executive Summary
In October 1989 Cadbury Beverages (CB) Inc. has acquired soft drink brands from Procter & Gamble. Then in January 1990, the Cadbury marketing team decided to take up a challenge of relaunching the Crush soft drink brands. A marketing plan is strategically developed to achieve the target of the organization.
The primary objective of this marketing plan is to relaunch the Crush brand through improved market coverage. With the effort to relaunch the Crush Brand, Cadbury Beverages (CB) had identified three issues that were immediately noticeable which are affecting the current coverage and sales of the Crush brand in the market. These issues which subsequently became the secondary objective of
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Although the recruitment of more bottlers by CB in the mid-1990 has improved the output capacity to cover 75% of total orange sales in the market, more has to be done to rejuvenate a cooperative network relationship with these bottlers. ii) Develop a base brand positioning consistent with the brand equity.
Developing a base positioning for the brand is important because it gives the brand an ‘image’ and thus distinguish it from other similar product. Furthermore, an undeveloped and unexecuted of a clear differentiated position for Orange Crush in the marketplace will likely to cannibalize the Sunkist Sales. The sales of the two main competitors’ brands which are Mandarin Orange Slice and Minute Maid Orange had outpaced Crush and Sunkist especially in attracting the diet segment of orange drinkers. As much as there is a need to build a base position for the regular varieties, the same effort should be given to the diet segment in maintain the ‘image’ and the ‘uniqueness’ of the diet varieties. In order to keep the brand ‘image’ relevant in the market, the new positioning have to run in line with earlier positioning to uphold existing customers as well as attracting new and potential customers.
A clear positioning statement is important because it serves as a guideline to creative development underlying the advertising program which could not be initiated if it is not well developed. iii) Advertise and promote the Crush program

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