Cadbury : Brand And Marketing Strategies Essay

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Why this brand / product is chosen by the group Our group chose Cadbury as Cadbury is one of the leading confectionary brands around the world and they have a long history of making chocolates. Cadbury also has a few advertisements and marketing strategies that we can work with and we would like to find out the secret behind Cadbury’s overwhelming popularity. Company’s background and information Cadbury is a multinational confectionary company and has its roots in Birmingham, United Kingdom. It was founded as a grocer’s shop in 1824 by John Cadbury where he also sold cocoa and drinking chocolate before becoming a commercial brand. His brother, Benjamin joined him in his business in 1847 after expansion but their partnership was dissolved in 1860s as they hit a low point. The business was then passed down to his sons, Richard and George after he had retired due to poor health. From a family-run business, it merged with Quaker confectioner J.S. Fry and Sons Ltd in 1919 before briefly merging with Schwepps in 1969 and demerged in 2008. It was then bought by Krafts Food in 2010. Currently, Cadbury is owned by Mondelez International. Some of their most well-known products are Dairy Milk chocolate, followed by the Crème Egg and Roses boxed chocolates. The iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate was made by George Cadbury Jnr and launched in June 1905 which remains a huge success even today. As at 2010, Cadbury is the second largest confectionary company globally, behind

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