Cadbury Chocolate

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Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury dominates the chocolate market in India with a 70% share of the market.
Cadbury Dairy Milk is its largest chocolate brand which accounts fro a third of every chocolate bar consumed.

The Task:
In 2005 the task before Cadbury Dairy Milk was to increase its consumer franchise.

The Strategy: * The task was to get the youth audience to adopt Cadbury Dairy Milk in the sweet eating or " muh meetha karna" moments * The campaign of " Jab Pappu Pass Ho jaye, Kuch Meetha Ho jaye" captured the thought of celebrating a moment of delight with Dairy Milk * A campaign was built around the idea of how "pappu" celebrated passing his exams with Dairy Milk

The Media: * A multi-media
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With variants such as Horlicks Lite, Mother’s Horlicks and Junior Horlicks, the brand now caters to the needs of the whole family. In 1992, the Horlicks brand also branched out into biscuits and earlier this month launched Junior Horlicks biscuits for toddlers. The Horlicks brand alone contributes almost 80 per cent to GSK’s revenues.

The fact that GSK has two more milk beverages in the same market – Viva and Maltova – gives it a firm grip on the market. According to Sen, Viva and Maltova are popular in select markets in areas such as West Bengal and Tamil Nadu where they have found favour for a long time. Their popularity is largely taste-based, he explains. The difference between the three brands of malted beverages under the GSK umbrella is marginal. Viva and Maltova are niche products with long-time consumers still sticking with them.
The other major player in this segment, Cadbury, too believes that Bournvita is an important part of its arsenal. Sanjay Purohit, Executive Director (Marketing), Cadbury India, says, “Bournvita is the second largest brand from the Cadbury stable after Cadbury Dairy Milk. Bournvita has approximately 25 per cent share of Cadbury India’s total revenue.”
Bournvita, like Horlicks, has been present in India for a long time, since 1948 to be precise. This, coupled with strong marketing campaigns over the years, has meant that Bournvita has continued as a strong player. The ‘Bournvita Quiz Contest’, which began as an
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