Cadbury Crush Case Essay

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Cadbury Beverages, Inc.: Crush Brand 1. Based on your assessment of the soft drink industry, the orange-flavored category, and the competitive situation of Cadbury Beverages and orange Crush, what is your recommendation for positioning orange Crush? Be sure to base your recommendation on facts and issues raised in the case. According to Exhibit 5, from 1985-1989, Orange crushes’ market share decreased from 22% (1985) to 8% (1989), this data shows that prior to the entrance of Coca Cola’s Slice and Pepsi’s Minute Maid, Orange Crush had more of the market share which at the time, they were positioned toward groups between the ages of 13-40. Since 1985, Crush repositioned itself to target individuals between the ages of 12-17.…show more content…
Eye-catching end of aisle display in grocery stores including their popular cultural icon of the time will attract the attention of younger kids to their product. To grab the attention of the household purchasers (parents), coupons should be included in grocery store flyers to further enrich consumer value when considering Orange Crush for purchase. Crush needs to change their distribution strategy. Exhibit 7 shows that Sunkist, Slice, and Minute Maid all had much broader distribution coverage than Crush (exhibit 7). As a result the 3 brands enjoyed a much higher market share capture percentage than Crush (exhibit 5). This is due to the fact that Crush switched from bottling companies to warehouses as their primary means for distributing their product. Crush is in the process of re-establishing and expanding its relationship with bottling companies and it appears that the bottling network will be repaired to the point that Crush would be represented in 75% of the total orange category in time for the re-launch of the Crush brand. They need to engage in strategic meetings with marketing and sales representatives of both Crush and the bottling companies to develop an overview of the new positioning campaign. These relationships are key to Crush’s ability to regain market share and vastly improve their marketing coverage. Bringing the bottlers in to help

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