Cadbury Gorilla Ad Analysis

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GORILLA AD CAMPAIGN OF CADBURY Anuj Kwatra – U110009 Hitesh Agarwal – U110024 History of the Ad Gorilla Ad is a British advertising campaign launched by Cadbury Schweppes in 2007 to promote Cadbury Dairy Milk-brand chocolate. It was a 90-second television and cinema advertisement, which formed the centre piece of their new ad campaign. It was created and directed by Juan Cabral and starred actor Garon Michael. The campaign itself comprised appearances on billboards, print newspapers and magazines, television and cinema spots, event sponsorships and an internet presence. The entire campaign was handled by the advertising agency Fallon London. Their proposal was to step away from “push” marketing of the product through traditional…show more content…
However the ad doesn’t show any reference to procedural or pattern based purchase. Thus this preference is not addressed. 4. Internal and External. The chocolate consumption is more about self satisfaction. Hence external preference is not addressed. On the other hand, the gorilla is shown to be enjoying his own company. This addresses to the people with internal preference as it shows to them the kind of satisfaction they can get for themselves from CDM. 5. Options and Procedures Gorilla is shown to be the new face of CDM. This is something very new and innovative. Moreover, the gorilla is initially just sitting there almost in a trance when it starts playing the drums almost spontaneously. This would address to people with options preference who by nature are spontaneous and look for new things. The people with procedure preference tend to follow a consistent routine or buying procedure. The ad doesn’t show any such routine and thus doesn’t address such people. 6. Big Picture and Details The ad is very abstract in a way that direct product consumption is nowhere shown. Infact the product is shown only in the end. Thus it only projects the big picture in a metaphorical sense that CDM consumption can bring extreme pleasure. This addresses to the people with big picture filter. However not much detail is shown in the ad, thus people with detail filter are not addressed. 7. Active and Passive

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