Cadbury Marketing Case Study

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MARKETING Choose a product and then critically analyse its market situation and positioning, using relevant marketing concepts. Product Selected: Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) ASSUMPTIONS & LIMITATIONS ASSUMPTIONS:  While analyzing the market segmentation of CDM assumptions are made for some of the segmentation variables.  Model Market Segments are developed for CDM which are not the exact market segments of CDM.  While preparing the Perceptual map (Price & Quality) users reviews about the chocolates from and perceptual map of Indian chocolates from Tutor2u Limited are considered.  In case of CDM’s Marketing Mix, some assumptions are made regarding marketing mix elements. Note : Wherever the assumptions are taken…show more content…
3.1)Market Segmentation According to McDonald et al(1998),Market Segmentation is defined as a process of categorizing customers within a market into groups who share similar needs and wants. Now lets analyze the market segmentation of CDM using four major segmentation variables described by Kotler et al(2009): Geographic:As CDM is focusing whole India(Cadbury India,2011),lets assume that on the basis of density India can be divided into 3 sub segments – rural,urban and suburban. Demographic:In terms of age group,CDM is focusing teenagers and adults(Cadbury India,2011).In terms
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