Cadbury Orang-Utans Case

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QUESTION1: State what Cadbury’s mission, purpose, strategic plans, structure, policies, current public relations issues are. How do you think this will affect the public relations campaign and what should be the objectives of that campaign?

Cadbury as we know is a well-known company all over the world engaged in services of producing confectionery products. Cadbury provides its customers with world’s best chocolates and candies in more than 50 countries in the world and having a good and satisfied public relation with its customers.

Situation Analysis:
The situation is to determine the objectives and establish the alternatives to overcome the issue of using palm oil in the products of Cadbury in New
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Objectives of Public Relations Campaign:
The main objectives of the PR Campaign are as follows: * To regain the market lead. * To restore the goodwill. * To make its stakeholders to believe that there were no intentions to do that and provide confidence for the plantation of palm trees. * To look after the destruction it cause to animal life and take suitable measures.
So, above are the objectives of the PR Campaign and are to be achieved in a short interval of six months to one year.

QUESTION2: Analyse the external environment for Cadbury. Make sure you state the stakeholders for the organisation, what are the objectives for communicating with each group, how Cadbury communicates with each of the groups, what information each interest groups need, if the groups are getting the information, are any other groups Cadbury needs to communicate with and how that communication could be improved and more directed. ANSWER:

External environment for Cadbury:
To analyse the external environment for Cadbury, we have conducted a PESTEL analysis. PESTEL is a good strategy to judge the market place of a company and for a company. It assists to gather all the information related to a business and its state. Following are the aspects analysed for

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