Cadbury Schweppes Plc

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1.1 Company’s Introduction 2
1.2 Mission Statement 3 2.1 Outline of Report 4 3.1 Marketing Report for Cadbury
3.2 Current Market Analysis 5-7
3.3 BCG Matrix 8-9
3.4 Igor Ansoff Matrix 10-11
3.5 SWOT Analysis 12-13
3.6 Product Life Cycle 14-15
3.7 Porter’s Generic Model 16-17
3.8 Marketing Mix 18-20

4.1 Evaluation and Recommendation 21-23

5.1 Research, references and bibliography 24

Cadbury Schweppes Plc.

Cadbury Schweppes is one of the biggest beverage and confectionery companies in the world. With a history stretching back over 200 years, today Cadbury Schweppes’s products are enjoyed in almost
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The revenue generated from this SBU is helping Cadbury to fulfill the expenses and finance the SBUs, which are in the Star and the Question Mark and the new products that may fall in the ‘Dog’ category.

The future requires some decisive action concerning the Question Mark. If the financial conditions are strong Cadbury could consider investing more in the Gum SBU in order to build its market shares. Or else we may divest the SBU by selling it or phasing out and use the resources in the Chocolate SBU. Cadbury Schweppes needs to introduce new products and units so that some of them will become Stars and eventually Cash Cows that may strengthen the finance of the company.

Igor Ansoff’s Growth Strategies

Cadbury’s must aim to achieve deeper Market Penetration. They can have more outlets for the products and apart from selling them through retailers or even their own Exclusive Cadbury Store, which would sell only Cadbury Schweppes products to the customers and which may be strategically located in various places, easily accessible for the common public. Effective advertisements for such outlets and have enhanced services and affordable prices for the products available in the stores. The outlets will have unique designs which will encourage customers to shop by more often, stay longer and even buy more in their each visits.

Secondly, Cadbury must consider the possibilities for Market Development by reviewing new

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