Cadbury Scweppes Swot and Environments

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NZ Chocolate and confectionary industry

Assignment 1 Task 3
Annelize Vermeulen

Table of Contents NZ Chocolate and confectionary industry 3 Macro environments: 3 Political 3 Environmental 4 Social 6 Technological 7 Economic 7 Porters five forces 8 New Entrants: 9 Substitute: 9 Buyers: 10 Suppliers: 10 Rivalry: 11 Micro environments 12 Consumers: 12 Employees: 12 Suppliers: 13 Distributors, Retailers and wholesalers: 13 Transportation providers: 13 Shareholders and investors: 14 Government: 14 Media: 14 Sponsors and Charity organisations: 15 Direct and Indirect Competitors. 15 Swot Analysis: 15 Segmentation Criteria: 17 Marketing Cadbury Marvellous Creations Jelly
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It will also affect the sources from where manufacturers in the industry get their ingredients. If a lower amount of cacao or sugar must be used according to legislation, Cadbury will be forced to buy fewer amounts of these ingredients and thus affecting the farming industry. (abhishreshthaa, 2012) * If taxes are to be increased by the government chocolates and confectionary than customer have to pay more for it. * If some party such as congress comes into power than it will affect positively or negatively depending on tax and norms. * If inflation rate increases than it will affect the farming sector so dairy milk, cacao, sugar and other ingredient prices will also be affected. * Chocolate and confectionary producers are subjected to comply with advertising, health regulations, food safety and consumer and fairtrade legislations. Consumers may not be misled and falsely represented by advertising on packaging. Chocolate and confectionary producers have to make sure that their labels and advertising is compliant with the governments’ requirements. Legal assistance can be obtained to make sure all requirements are met. * Manufacturers have to comply with food labelling and packaging legislations. All nutritional values must be visible on packaging. All allergies that may be evoked when consuming of using a product must

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