Cadbury Worldwide Case Study

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It is interesting to read the article about Cadbury Worldwide. From perspectives of 3 three different cultures. While it might be lucrative to start providing your services, or selling products across your borders, an option should be thought of as real journey of discovering new cultures and customs of different groups of people. It will be useful to understand them and how to do business in their countries. Be aware of the regulation and standards are important. There are two examples of the purchasing Cadbury UK by the American food gain Kraft and how the two work cultures of the American and the British are different.
Cadbury is a leader in the UK confectionery market. the interaction between American managers and British managers and workers after purchasing Cadbury by the American owned Kraft is an example how two different cultures may clash with each other. As highlighted by Tarique, Briscoe, and Schuler (2016) that one of the biggest mistakes the HR management of MNE’s fall in is navigating through the myriad of local laws and regulations with assumptions that worked in their homeland will work somewhere else. The MNE’s should choose the right approaches to deal with employment relations to ensure that will have a healthy work environment and get the desired results. and productivity level. There are seven approaches suggested. I think in the case of Cadbury UK, it will be beneficial to use the guide and advice approach through which the parent company may provide
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