Cadbury and the Environment

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INTRODUCTION Around the world, there is one name synonymous with chocolates - Cadbury. Named after its founder John Cadbury in 1824, Cadbury - Headquartered in Cadbury House in the Uxbridge Business Park in Uxbridge, England - began only as a coffee stall producing coffee, tea and drinking chocolate, to a global chocolate and confectionary producing giant it is known today. With only a little over a decade shy of 2 centuries of operation, Cadbury has been in various mergers and acquisitions. This paper examine Cadbury’s performance in society, highlighting both areas of achievement and those requiring improvement. CADBURY’S ACHIEVEMENTS IN FULFILLING NEEDS WITHIN SOCIETY The formal definition os social responsibility is…show more content…
Cadbury Adams Mexico and Cadbury Schweppes Bebidas Mexico - certified as Socially Responsible Companies by the Mexican Philanthropy Centre. Cadbury Wedel - Best Corporate Citizen in the British Polish Chamber of Commerce Company of the Year Awards for activities involving colleagues that benefit the local community. Cadbury Nigeria - Social Enterprise Report & Award for its positive impact on society (Cadbury. Our Achievements, 2009). CADBURY’S ACTIONS AFFECTING SOCIETY 2006 SALMONELLA CONTAMINATION Cadbury Schweppes had a major recall of millions of chocolate bars in the middle of 2006. This was after notifying the Food Standards Agency that the Salmonella bacteria was found in several of their products. The bacteria was leaked into their chocolate crumb mixture which would eventually be turned into milk chocolate. After investigation, Birmingham City council had found that Cadbury Schweppes had knowledge of the leak which led to the contamination in January 2006, which resulted in Cadbury Schweppes prosecution relation to breaching health and safety investigation. Cadbury Schweppes were slapped with a 1 million Sterling pounds fine as the court found that they had already suffered 30 million Sterling Pounds in losses due to the recalls and also for pleading guilty immediately.
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