Cadbury channels, access and distribution levels

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Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange CADBURY: Channels, Access and Distribution Levels Purpose of a network and marketing channel ¡ Value network is a system of partnerships and alliances that a firm creates to source, augment, and deliver its offerings ¡ The domestic manufacturing sites are situated at the following locations: 1. Claremont Tasmania - At this site Cadbury manufacture boxed chocolate assortments, moulded chocolate blocks, chocolate confectionery bars and food drinks for the retail and industrial markets. 2. Ringwood Victoria - At this site Cadbury manufacture confectionery bars and bar pieces, filled and hollow chocolate novelty units for children and the Easter and Christmas events as well as a range of…show more content…
For example, this could arise if Cadbury came into conflict with its retailers, who agree to sell just Cadbury products, but in fact are also selling rival competitors products ¡ Horizontal channel conflict involves conflict between members at the same level within the channel. For instance, this may occur when separate petrol stations sell Cadbury products at different price, benefiting one above the other ¡ Channel conflict can be constructive but too much is dysfunctional ¡ The challenge is not to eliminate conflict but manage it ¡ The adoption of superordinate goals (come to an agreement), exchange persons between to more channel levels (appreciate other's point of view), or co-optation (win support of the leader of another organisation) are ways of effective conflict management What role the Internet can play in helping to fulfil marketing channel requirements ¡ Cadbury uses direct marketing channels as well as one-level channels and two-level channels ¡ Their official website informs buyers about all of Cadbury's products and services including information about products, recipes, health and nutrition, sponsorship, fundraising etc. ¡ It can also provide a way for

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