Cadbury dairy milk

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Marketing mix and recommendations report: Cadbury DAIRY MILK Cadbury Dairy Milk,the number one selling chocolate block in Australia and available to buy in supermarkets and retail outlets across the country. Cadbury dairy milk today continues its quest to bring Australian consumers more joy by introducing a series of generous improvements to its iconic Cadbury dairy milk blocks range, designed to enhance the eating experience of Australia’s most loved chocolate1. The enhancements to the range are said to be the most significant in the brand’s 132 year history and will be sure to delight lovers of Cadbury dairy milk. Cadbury Dairy Milk, milk chocolate products are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for all occasions…show more content…
Food products have a limited shelf life 2. Marred by scandal few years back Opportunities: 1. Untapped rural markets 2. Better product packaging and preservation 3. Leverage Cadburys successful brand 4. Sugar free category Threats: 1. Other branded and local chocolate manufacturers 2. Sweets as substitutes External marketing environment: The external marketing environment of Cadbury dairy milk is divided on the various factor like demographic, economic, natural, technology which can be discussed as follows; It means the overall and general environment of the company. The forces outside the company that affect the daily performance and operations of the company. Demographic Environment; Divides the market on the basis of age, gender, locality, occupation and income. Cadbury dairy milk targets all type of customers on the basis on these because these are not the hurdles on the way of the company. Economic Environment; Cadbury dairy milk understands the economic situation of the country in which it goes to start the business. I mean inflation rate also a matter. High population growth and rising level of prosperity has increased demands for affordable luxuries and treats. Natural environment; It also plays an important role in the success of organization. The availability of natural resources also matters like cocoa as raw material to make chocolates. Technological environment; Availability of new technology also plays an important role in the
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