Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Brand Equity Measurement

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Brand Equity Measurement of Cadbury Dairy Milk
A report submitted to

Prof. S. Govindrajan
In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course

Product and Brand Management
On 3-09-09 By Abhishek Das (B08002)

Nabila Azmatulla (B08018) Parikshit Ghoshal (B08021) Somnath Roy


Executive Summary
Brand equity refers to the marketing effects or outcomes that accrue to a product with its brand name compared with those that would accrue if the same product did not have the brand name. The brand equity model that we have developed is BrandWagon Brand Equity Model. This model addresses the short-term and long-term robustness of the brand. For testing the short-term robustness, we have taken 2 parameters: ―
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People like the familiar and are prepared to ascribe all sorts of good attitudes to items that are familiar to them. The Intel Inside campaign has dramatically transferred awareness into perceptions of technological superiority and market acceptance.


(2) Perceived quality is a special type of association, partly because it influences brand associations in many contexts and partly because it has been empirically shown to affect profitability (as measured by both ROI and stock return). (3) Brand associations can be anything that connects the customer to the brand. It can include user imagery, product attributes, use situations, organisational associations, brand personality and symbols. Much of brand management involves determining what associations to develop and then creating programs that will link the associations to the brand. (4) Brand loyalty is at the heart of any brand’s value. The concept is to strengthen the size and intensity of each loyalty segment. A brand with a small but intensely loyal customer base can have significant equity.

Brand Equity Model
Are brands truly assets that enable the business to generate superior returns over time? à The first point for marketers to recognize is that, to qualify as an "asset" in financial terms, a brand needs to be measured in terms of its ability to generate future cash flow. à The second point is even

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