Cadence Design Systems Case Study

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Cadence Design Systems Company History Cadence Design Systems was the creation from the merger of two companies in the late 1980s became came the world’s leading global leader in the electronic industry. San Jose, California was the birthplace of this merger and is still today the headquarter for Cadence. At the headquarter facility is where sales, designing, and researching still takes place for the global industry of electronics. Cadence Design Systems has been featured in Fortune Magazine many times. In the year 2017, has Cadence Design Systems listed by “Fortune Magazine as one of the Best 100 Businesses for Which to Work," for the third year in a row, ("Cadence Named One”). Cadence Design Systems is a software animation…show more content…
Mergers can kill all of the companies involved or rise up and become something greater. Rise up to become something greater is the regular practice when Cadence Design Systems acquisitions and mergers. Daniel Holden from Chilton’s Electronic News reported from an interview with Cadence Design Systems’ president at the time of the interview, “The merging of the two companies would provide each with a significant inroad to the market segments dominated by the other, while allowing both companies to focus more on their core technologies, said Mr. Costello. Insiders said that while the potential synergy is there, one of the biggest challenges for the new company would be dealing with overlapping products as well as the R&D, marketing, sales and distribution efforts connected to them.” (Holden 1). Cadence Design Systems has a history of not having a twenty percent or less overlap with acquisitions and mergers to prevent problems. This is another example of the human relations theories well practiced within this company. Human relations theories are also practice in the acquisitions and mergers when the acquisition and merger is wanted and by making sure the company that Cadence Design Systems is merging with has the same core values. Cadence Design Systems belief statement is, “At Cadence, our core values are more than just words, they are the way we work, laugh, debate, care, question, and innovate together. We are One Cadence—One
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