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Cadillac, the most iconic automobile group of America, was founded in 1902 by Henry Ford. The brand came into existence because of the ruins of Henry Ford failed automobile company. When the company assets were being measured for liquidation, Henry M. Leland came up with the idea of manufacturing single-cylinder engine automobiles. The new company Cadillac Automobiles was set up and represented the luxury automobile segment of the America On July 29, 1909, the newly formed General Motors Corporation (GM) acquired, the Cadillac Automobile Company, for $4.5 million, making Cadillac its subsidiary. GM positioned Cadillac above all the other brands Buick, Oldsmobile, Oakland, and Chevrolet.
In this article, 4Ps associated with Cadillac will be discussed.
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The car sported Cadillac's first wraparound windshield, a provocative dip along its beltline, and a metal cover that concealed the convertible top when it was down.
1948 series 68 club coupe
The car series was introduced after the World War II and represented sleek and modern luxury cars which were never introduced before. The unique styling included tail fins and short wheel base.
1967-1970 Eldorado Coupe
Eldorado Cadillac's was the first front-drive machine and the Coupe’s sleek and hard-edge style attracted the youth. The earlier 1967 models used hidden headlights but in new Eldorado Coupe model the lights came out.
Though Cadillac has been one of the best luxury automobile manufacturing in America but in recent years, Cadillac has lost its customer loyalty because of the German competitors like BMW, Mercedes Benz which are targeting the same market which Cadillac was aiming for.
To retain their global position, Cadillac launched the entire new CT6 full size sedan and many other models to mark its return in Global prestige segment and to maintain the "Standard of the World" slogan.
Below is the list of the Cadillac models:
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