Cadillac Hotel For Our Project

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How can a ninety-year-old hotel represent the people of Detroit in 2014? I wondered the exact same thing when my group decided to focus on the Book-Cadillac Hotel for our project. When presented with the list of choices for this assignment, we saw a few familiar Detroit landmarks – The Motown Museum, Comerica Park, and Fox Theatre, for example. Our group figured that we should choose a place that we had never even heard of so we could have the opportunity to learn some of the history of Detroit, while also learning about the people of Detroit; and thus, we landed on the Book-Cadillac Hotel. Through research, it is clear to see that although the Book-Cadillac Hotel was first opened in 1924, it continues to represent the city of Detroit and parallels the resilience of its people today.
Firstly, to accurately understand the great significance of the Book-Cadillac, one must look to the past. It is the 1920’s. Detroit is booming as one of the most important cities in America. The Motor City is growing in great wealth, and the Book brothers simply wanted to expand on this wealth. They saw Detroit as a great, magnificent city and wanted to project that physically. The Book brothers saw great potential to expand Washington Blvd., hoping to mimic the best of New York City ( (Martelle), and they did just that with the Book-Cadillac. The hotel was completed near the end of 1924 after seventeen months of construction, which cost $14million (about $200 million today). The Book brothers…
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