Cadillac Records

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The film Cadillac Records is a biopic that retells the story of a few major R&B artists during the 1950s and 1960s. The film mainly focuses on the characters Muddy Waters and the Leonard Chess. The film later includes other famous artists such as Chuck Berry, Etta James, and Little Walter. It also briefly shows Mick Jagger, from The Rolling Stones near the end of the film, and occasionally Howlin Wolf and Hubert Sumlin make an appearance. The movie first introduces the main characters. Leonard Chess is portrayed to audience as an ambitious young man. His parents were polish immigrants, and he dreams of being successful and rich. As the movie progresses and he is shown to be a competent businessman; and he also seems to care for the…show more content…
It was especially difficult for African-American women musicians. Women were not seen as equals to men, they needed men to help them even get into the music industry and they needed men to help them get their music recorded and heard. One scene, toward the middle of the movie was very interesting to watch. The scene showed both African-Americans and White-Americans enjoying one of Chuck Berry’s performances where he plays his most famous song “Maybellene”. However, at first the two groups were divided by rope. At one point in the show, the audience broke through the rope and were dancing together. This scene showed that even though African-American musicians had a more difficult time in the music industry, their music was popular and enjoyed by everyone. While the movie was about the lives of the people involved with Chess Records, mostly Leonard Chess, Muddy Waters, and a few other artists, it was narrated by Willie Dixon. Willie Dixon wrote a famous song sung by Muddy Waters featured in the film called “Hoochie Coochie Man”. While Willie Dixon was a famous musician, he was more involved with the business side of Chess Records, which gave him a better perspective of what was going on in both the business side of the industry and in the music. The way the biopic is told shows the ups and downs of the artists lives. While it does show their triumphs, it shows more of the struggles they faced.
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