Cadim: the China and India Real Estate Market Entry Decisions

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Cadim: The China and India Real Estate Market Entry Decisions I. INTRODUCTION Cadim is a real estate division of Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec (Caisse), Canada’s largest pension fund management firm. Caisse is the largest institutional investor in Canada, overseeing more than $245 billion in assets and carrying out more than $12 billion in transactions daily. Cadim is one of Caisse’s three real estate divisions comprising around 6.23% of Caisses portfolio ($15.3 billion). Cadim focuses on residential and hotel markets, while the other two real estate arms focus primarily on shopping malls and business.…show more content…
To draw a comparison, the US GDP is calculated by real estate sales, not allowing the US to artificially inflate its GDP just by producing. Currently there are around____ ghost cities in China capable of holding around_____ people. These ghost cities have and will most likely remain vacant because the avg. cost to rent or by one of these newly constructed residences is far above what the avg. Chinese is capable of affording. Despite the rampant vacancies the Chinese government still continues to fund massive construction indicatives. India: General: India’s economy is booming! With large decreases in poverty, increases in literacy and GDP, India is continuing to make its way out of the third world and into the first. India is predicted to surpass even China in growth by 2050. A competitive private capital market has instilled Indians with a low cost high quality mentality and has resulted in some of the highest return rates for any country. India has been averaging 6% growth compared to China’s 9.5% with half the investments. India capital efficiency is one of its strongest economic benefits. Despite this India is still a complicated place for foreign investors. A weak parliamentary government has very little purview over the provincial and local ministers who were elected entirely separate from federal elections. The fragmented nature of the country’s political system has and will continue to prevent major

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