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Case Study Liberty University Multicultural Issues in Human Services – HSER 509 Dr. Katz December 2, 2012 CLIENT AND CULTURE In this case study I will explore certain possible dynamics related to culture and ethnicity that have been reported in relation to the psychology of Mexican Americans as well as other immigrant communities. Cristal is a 16-year-old Mexican American female. Cristal seems to be experiencing some distress in her life, which seems to stem from cultural conflict rather than inherent psychopathology. Cristal is struggling with the question of whether she should stay home and care for her mother and family or if she should go away to college. She…show more content…
In her article Siegel states that, “Incorporating components such as culturally framed trust building (such as pairing youths with mentors), stigma reduction, friendly milieus (such as serving culturally familiar foods and playing music popular with the culture), and services; and peer, family, and community involvement (including use of peer counselors and mentors, hosting parent weekends, and linking clients with senior center and community services) are recommended for improving cultural competence”, (Siegel, 2011). By incorporating some of these components into the way I practice and taking these components into mind could hopefully dissolve any limitations or biases that I may hold against any cultures. McBride also states the importance of being well versed in multicultural counseling by saying, “Counselor educators should also encourage self-reflection of counselor trainees to challenge the biases and assumptions they may hold against minority groups, such as the geriatric population. Self-awareness of biases and stereotypes is imperative when counseling diverse clients. This may be an uncomfortable process and, therefore, may cause some anxiety in both counselor trainees and counselor educators. As a result, some counseling programs may not emphasize self-reflection as much as they should. Therefore, greater emphasis needs to be placed on
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