Café Chain in Malaysia Founded by Datuk Steven Sim

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Since its initiation, Secret Recipe has grown substantially over the years and has branched out with over 300 café outlets as of today (Secret Recipe, 2014) . Secret Recipe has also taken its brand across the border and is serving food lovers in Singpore, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia and India with a vision to spread even more.
Secret Recipe prides itself on the quality of its product. It claims that its rigid approach in maintaining high quality in its ingredients and subsequently offering the dishes and cakes at an affordable price has helped them to create a loyal customer base (Secret Recipe, 2014). The Secret Recipe cafés aspire to deliver its customers a relaxed eating experience with their friends and families by serving great foods with a welcoming service in a cozy environmental setting.
The food sector in Bangladesh has grown drastically over the last ten years or so and is catering to an ever changing need for food of a huge population (The Daily Star, 2014). The Daily Star (2014) also reported a sharp rise in the number of firm in the food business over time as the demand is expected to grow substantially. According to a report in the Daily Sun (2013), Bangladesh hosts a staggering number of approximately 30 million middle income citizens which forms a market of roughly $70 billion in terms of real…
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