Café de Coral Holdings Limited International Business Development Plan to

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International Business Strategy
UON DBA Program

Block 5, 2013 (November 17th 2013)
Group Written Report

Café de Coral Holdings Limited International Business Development Plan to enter Australia market

Provided by H.E.L. Management Consulting Company Limited

1. Executive Summary


2. Introduction


3. Industry Based view Analysis


4. Resource Based view Analysis


5. Institution Based view Analysis


6. Recommendations


7. References


8. Appendices




Executive Summary

This group consulting project aims to devise an international business development plan for Café de Coral Holdings Limited in order to assist
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The purpose of this report is to provide a preliminary recommendation on whether to enter Australia by which entry mode. The primary focus of the report is evaluation the fast food service industry in Australia, Following from the resources-based view and the institutionalbased view to make decision for Café de Coral to choose the international franchising strategy of Manchu Wok restaurant franchising chain to enter Australia QSR market.



Industry-based view analysis: Fast food industry in Australia.

McDonald’s Australia opened its first store in 1971 (Ritchie, 1990). Forty two years have passed, the fast food industry in Australia continues to feed this nation which has the population of 23,278,323 (ABS, 2013). Geographically, when compare with other
Asia-Pacific countries, Australia fast food market value accounts for 5.1% in this region
(Appendix 1). The outlook of the market is forecast to achieve the value of $5,767.1 million, an increase of 13.7% since 2011 (Appendix 2). The changing attractiveness and performance of this industry consistently influenced by five competitive forces.
According to Michael Porter’s theory, these forces come from buyer, supplier, new entrants, substitutes and competitors respectively. These five competitive forces which drive competition in the fast food market in Australia
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