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Café D. Pownd Case Study

Café D. Pownd is newly opened residence cafeteria in the Cambridge Hall, which was opened from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday. It serves 550 residents from both Cambridge Hall and Nottingham Hall by providing hot meals, beverages, salads, desserts, snacks and sandwiches. Its peak hours are 5pm to 6:30 pm everyday which makes the heaviest crowds. The majority of the customers paid with campus-wide electronic payment system.

Problem Statement
Customers are complaining about the waiting time is too long. This could a threat to the cafeteria because if they could not successfully decrease the waiting time, customers would switch to other alternatives. Another critical consideration to this
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And their major limitation is that they have limited space for lines. Precooked, interactive cooking counter and payment counter are their lines, and they also have salad bars and drink area. Not only the layout needs to be re-designed, other issues also need to be solved. 1. It needs to solve the staffing problems. They should arrange more staff in the interactive cooking during the peak hours, and arrange less staff for the precooked counter, which means it, could be a self-serve section. They can consider issuing numbers to their customers for the interactive cooking line to allow a quicker order. 2. They should also set up the broadcast to inform customers to collect the food after taking the order and then customers can go to salad, drink area and payment line. This needs them to create a separate area for the collection at the end of the interactive line. 3. By using the new POS system, they can improve their daily deal prices, and gathering feedback from customers about their food and services.
There are some uncertainties for the implementation for this case. For one thing, we don’t know any information about their housing service providers such as their contract terms and daily-assured sales. For the other thing, we don’t know the arrival patterns of customers. Whether they are released from class at the same time or some seasonal specials to attract more customers.

By change the layout and implement new
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