Cafe Latte Essay

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Mba 555 - Case Study Table of Contents Summary 3 Introduction 4 Facts 4 Café Latte 4 Cynthia Chan 5 Stuart Chan 7 Rob Chan 8 Jeff Burns 8 The Chan Family 9 Inferences 9 Cynthia Chan 9 Stuart Chan 10 Rob Chan 10 Jeff Burns 11 The Chan Family 11 Problems 12 Decision –Additional Options 14 Behavior Assessment 15 Cynthia Chan 16 Stuart Chan 16 Rob Chan 17 Decision Assessment 17 Lessons Learned 19 Case Study: Café Latte, LLC Summary Café Latte, a new espresso bar, is about to open in Pocatello, Idaho. The business was formed as a limited partnership between three siblings and a friend, Cynthia, Stuart, and Rob Chan, along with Jeff Burns, respectively. The Chans are somewhat knowledgeable about running a business…show more content…
• One week before the grand opening, Cynthia was the subject of Stuart’s anger. She was outraged by his accusations. • Cynthia did not want to waste coffee on practice drinks that would be discarded. • Cynthia consulted with the other partners and several friends, seeking advice on how to respond to Stuart’s accusations and anger. • She felt quite frustrated by the incident. • She decided that the situation with Stuart was irreconcilable and that she needed to remove herself from the situation. She summarized her financial contributions and provided the summary to Stuart, accepting his offer to buy out her share. The buyout did not materialize. • She received an apology letter from Stuart, but she looked at it as a bandage solution. • Deciding to stay, Cynthia worked with Rob to devise a work schedule that shielded Cynthia from interactions with Stuart. She and Stuart would assist Rob in running the business. Stuart Chan • Stuart was the middle child of the family. • As a child he loved to tease and taunt his younger siblings, and he instigated some type of mean act against Rob or Cynthia on a daily basis. • Stuart majored in economics in college. • He was friends with Jeff Burns from high school, and approached Jeff about investing
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