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Executive Summary The purpose of this marketing plan is to outline the strategies, tactics, and programs that will make the sales goals detailed in the Andes Café and Art Lounge business plan a success. The Andes Café will be unlike other cafes in that it will set out to introduce customers to the different flavors and aromas of South American foods in a casual non threatening environment. Furthermore, in a competitive market like the restaurant industry Andes Café hopes to set itself apart by reaching out to those foodies with a curious and discerning palate without the high prices. .It will also introduce some of the arts and sounds that make the various countries in South America unique Marketing will play a vital role in the success…show more content…
Business people are talking about their business lunches and how enjoyable it is to meet there before and after business meetings. South Americans are enjoying and agree that the food and art are authentic and remind them of being back at home. Market Growth The market for the food Andes café will offer is growing rapidly. The cafe hasn't come to this area yet. Large cities that cater to large numbers of travelling business people and tourists have not offered this kind of food. Business people will be able to use the cafe to take clients to and to network with area business professionals. Students will use this café as meeting place where they can eat and enjoy a nice evening. The local South Americans in the area will frequent this café because it reminds them of home and provides authentic food. The student population continues to grow as the University maintains a prestigious reputation. These students tend to have money and an interest in up-scale or trendy places to eat. Business in the downtown area is always ongoing and will provide a steady flow of customers. SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis provides us with an opportunity to examine the internal strengths and weaknesses. It also allows us to examine the opportunities presented as well as potential threats. The Andes Café has a valuable inventory of strengths that will help it succeed. These strengths include: a knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent food, a mixture of culture from various South
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