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Café D Pownd Case INTRODUCTION Café D Pownd is a campus cafeteria, which serves 450 students and faculty, on the campus at the National Academy of Liberal Arts. The Café’s busiest time is at dinner time, where two thirds of the residents are expected to be served between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. The café serves meals, beverages, salads, desserts sandwiches and other snacks. Most students pay with their student meal cards. The Café is designed with three waiting lines, L1, L2 and L3. Line one is for the pre-cooked meals, and it provides a menu of its items. L2 is for the interactive cooking station and the students get to pick what they want to be cooked at that time. L3 is designated for the payment of meals. They have numerous complaints…show more content…
Another observation, is the flow of the cafeteria, it seems that most of the lines flow in different directions causing chaos, people running in to each other, and standing in lines that are not necessarily the right line they want to be in. The cashier flows in a different direction than the pre-cooked and the interactive cook lines. It looks like residents have to circle back to pay for their food. Also, the entrance is located in the direction that bumps into the people in the lines. If the direction flow developed better this could help the wait time and can help residents quickly exit the cafeteria. RECOMMENDATIONS The first recommendation, is that they need to change the direction flow of the café. They should switch the exit to the entrance, moving the cashier’s stations by the exit. There should be one express cashier only expecting cash and a regular cashier taking cards. The flow of the lines can be corrected by partitions, so this isn’t crowding at the stations, creating a consistency in wait time. Please see exhibit A for the updated café layout. The second recommendation, is that there is needs to be detail menu choices for the stations. They can order large boards and hang the above the stations describing the menu options, reducing the questions being asked about the food. The third recommendation would be to implement a pre-order station.

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