Cafe Restaurant : The Capital City Of Maldives Essay

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Juweys café’ and restaurant is a food catering outlet based in Male’ the capital city of Maldives. The restaurant commenced business back in 2000 with an aim of providing varieties of food cuisines to the locals in the most exquisite way (Juweyriyya, 2016). The most outstanding fact of the food outlet is that the place is owned by an individual woman Mrs. Juwayriyya Wajdy. All the way from 2000 the business has come a long way, taking the place of one of the oldest and the most successful food outlet in Male’. In the recent years the business has expanded immensely and now offers intensive cuisines, which includes the blend of the finest Indian, Continental, and Eastern specialties. Additionally in 2012 Juweys café’ and restaurant have merged with “Buruzu” with the aim of expanding the business, and providing better service to the customers.
Juweys café’ and restaurant as a manufacturing and serving company have to withstand many costs in order to keep the business going. This includes both direct costs and indirect costs that the business incurs on every business commencing day. Direct costs can be defined as those costs which are directly related to a product (Media, 2015). Direct cost can be classified into direct materials, direct labor and direct expenses.
In the case of Juweys café’ and restaurant, the direct materials for them would be the products and ingredients that they use to produce the dishes. For an example, the wheat, spices, fresh fruits, vegetables,

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