Cafe Snack House Business Plan

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Introduction Café and snack houses are one of the trending businesses of the 21st Century. People dine for a cup of beverage with some subsidiary snacks on the side incorporated with the ambient and music played in the establishment. With its ambience, clients should feel the tranquillity of the establishment and it’s accompanied relaxing music.

A. Name of the Project “I ♥ Pinoy” is a modernized Filipino snack house that offers extraordinary Filipinoproducts and services. We will seek to create a NeoFilipinoatmosphere, on the other hand, still preserved the Filipino Culture, Tradition and Spirit of Hospitality.

B. Location of the Project “I ♥ Pinoy” aims to established this snack house inside the MSU-IIT Premises. Where in
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While in CBAA canteen it has the food for snacks and has some school supplies for the students to use. It has also a loading station which some students would buy snacks after loading their cellophanes. But still each competitor has its weaknesses like in CED cafeteria they don’t have some good snacks for students, and has limited space to cater the CSM employees and students. In IDS cafeteria its very far from other colleges and it also have limited space for students.

The production capability of CED cafeteria is having a smooth process it has a system but has lots of employees work in the cafeteria. In IDS cafeteria there are a lot of stalls with different owners but because of it, the foods in IDS are maintained since each stall got different foods and has an efficient on producing their products the same with the CBAA canteen. And because of these system or everyday process these competitors forgot to have good promotional activities which can eventually make the students patronize their products.

MSU – IIT Graphical Population


This said café is in operation during class/working hours and also when an activity is hosted in the gymnasium form any government or private sectors. Since people have the necessity to eat, we are providing the necessity they needed. This demand has become the factor for our driving force to supply the frequency and in patronizing our products. People love variety of foods
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