Cafe de Coral

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Executive Summary
Report Summary
It is undeniable the competition in the business arena is very stiff. People in the business world must find the best way in order to be successful. Business, nowadays, have to cut cost to the bone by downsizing, outsourcing, offshore IT development and management. The growth of an organisation now depends on the ability of the businesses to innovate. Innovation is no longer regarded as the exclusive preserve of the research and development department. Instead, many businesses see that innovation must become a part of the core competency of every part of the organisation and its network of business partners.
Relevance with the Organization
Perhaps, every organisation wants to initiate a management
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As an inevitable competitive leader in the fast food and dining-out business, Café de coral has always try to innovate their products and marketing strategy so as to achieve quality products and services to their customers which is a part of the string commitment with the business. The change process will be in line with redefining the image of the group through the use of Integrated Marketing Communication.
Environmental Analysis
General Analysis
The Café de Coral Group will be analysed using simple analysis approach. The growing and bustling population of today is obviously different from the population of the previous decades in terms of health and nutritional attitudes and behaviors. People today are more concerned with their health and figures than ever before. Obviously, the reason for this increased awareness is because of the fact that information is everywhere and every reports and research about nutrition seem to link fast foods with the growing number of obesity. Furthermore, there is also a number of emerging diet programs that promote and encourage the public to be figure conscious.
This is a problem for the group because it has already gain the reputation of a fast food that continuously provides unhealthy food; whereas competitors have already made measures to reduce fats in their products. The company needs to
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