Cafe de Coral Marketing Paper

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MKT B250 TMA1 Kwok Yiu Hung(Student ID:10919600)

Marketing Plan: Café de Coral Group

1. Introduction

Background information

This marketing plan is base on the quick service restaurant in Hong Kong market and the Café de Coral Group is focus in this plan. The Group was incorporated in October 1968, it is principally engaged in the food and catering industry as largest Chinese quick service restaurant group, maintaining a publicly recognized leadership position in the mass-market, quick service restaurant chain business, with vertical and horizontal diversification towards the food services, food processing and distribution, catering and hospitality sectors in Hong Kong.

It has prospered through the concept of customer
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(b) Strong Advertising
"A Hundred Points of Excellence" has been the commitment to customers and is now a household catch phrase. As part of on-going campaign to strengthen the Café de Coral brand, proactive advertising campaigns are launched on a continual basis. Through the campaign, the brand image has been further enhanced by positioning Café de Coral as a place not just for best taste and value meals but also a popular meeting place for all walks of life.

2.3.2 Weakness

(a) Relatively High Selling Price
The food price of Café de Coral is high in generally by comparing with the local style cha chaan teng and fast food restaurant in Hong Kong. This makes a comparative disadvantage for the Group.

(b) Bad Public Relation
In 2010, Café de Coral has offered its staffs that they must forfeit their paid lunch break of approximately 45 minutes a day, a net cut in their pay. Political parties, unions, religious groups and students ' unions of universities, had organized and boycott Café de Coral. After that, Café de Coral had label as “Too Acrimonious”.

2.3.3 Opportunities
(a) Individual Visits
The number of individual visitor from mainland China keep increasing, and most of the visitors from mainland China flavor the Chinese style cuisine or catering services like Café de Coral’s dishes.

(c) Inflation in Hong Kong
The persistence of inflation in Hong Kong may induce the demand of fast food instead of ordinary or luxury
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