Caff 321 Chapter 1-4 Review Questions

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Chapter 1
1. Why does Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness, say that experiences might bring more satisfaction than durable goods? Do you agree or disagree?
Although happiness is not easily defined and it really depends on who you ask and what their degree of happiness is in their life, Gilbert the author of Stumbling on Happiness, explains that experiences might bring more satisfaction than that of durable goods. With this he is simply stating the fact that happiness is dependent the things you do in life and not the objects. It is the time that you share with friends and family what makes life meaningful and that creates happiness. All the objects in the
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Lamanna and Reidmann have given a definition of family which includes a list of three common characteristics. Does your family fit these three or would you add something to the list or take something away? Explain your answer.
The common characteristics defined by Lamanna and Reidmann for family are ancestry, marriage and or adoption. They give a list of three characteristics along with which people are usually related.. (1.) from an economic unit and care for any young. (2.) consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group, and (3.) to commit to maintaining that group over time. Yes, for many reasons I would definitely consider my family to fit these three categories of of the common characteristics. My family is a support unit on which I can heavily rely on and we all have each others best interest at heart and will do anything to help one another. I wish it was better defined and more in detail because I find the three characteristics to be very vague but I would add that family is also some kind of support group on which you are emotionally attached to and heavily rely on to make important choices.. well, in most cases.
Chapter 2
1. Compare and contrast typical homes and household tasks in 1900, in 1950, and today according to the information given in this chapter.
Typical homes and household tasks according to the book from what I can say is it has changed greatly over the years but somewhat the same. It really depends on who's

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