Caffe Nero

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What are the factors contributed to the growth of Caffe Nero in the United Kingdom market? INTRODUCTION: Caffe Nero Group Limited was founded in 1997 in South Kensington, London by Gerry Ford. It is an Italian style coffee shop and the largest independent coffee retailer in Great Britain in recent days. Now, it has over 400 stores and nearly 3000 employees in the United Kingdom. It is also to the development of overseas market, in 2007, Caffe Nero opened the store in Turkey, and after one year later, it opened the shop in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East. Caffe Nero has a philosophy; it is very simple, which included four elements, Food, Service, Coffee and Atmosphere, especially Coffee and Atmosphere, a good coffee can give…show more content…
On the other hand, it must identify the positive points and negative points in internal factors and external factors. It can divide the key pieces of information into two main aspects, the first one is Internal factors, it describes in the organisation internal environment, the ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’, the other one is External factors, it shows the ‘opportunities’ and ‘threats’ appeared by the external environment (Panagiotou G. 2003). [pic] Figure 1 People called the SWOT analysis to the SWOT matrix; it is very helpful for producing a series of alternatives for a company and an organisation or business unit based on special combinations of four directions of strategic aspects. The SWOT matrix clarifies how the external opportunities and threats confronting a company can be matched with company internal strengths and weaknesses to consequence with four directions of probable strategic alternatives. The SWOT matrix can make managers to bring about many kinds of growth and contraction measures. The SWOT matrix involves four ways; firstly, Strengths- Opportunities strategies concentrate on how to utilize strengths of a business to get a good hand of opportunities. Secondly, Strengths- Threats strategies try to use the strengths of a firm to leave a way from the threats. Thirdly, Weaknesses- Opportunities strategies aim to clear up the
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